Our Story


The idea of realising the Spa

It was born on an ordinary evening, at the dinner table, between two brothers who wanted to get involved, a bet; the chance to fix up a hut belonging to their maternal grandparents, where as children they used to play and spend most of their days, grazing, helping their grandparents with their work and running up and down the green meadows.

The project takes shape, our dad and our family support us personally; this type of intervention is our bread and butter, it is a trade that has been handed down for two generations in our family and so, off we go

In April 2015 work began, it was a conservative restoration aimed at preserving as much of the mountain style as possible, stone and wood prevailing over everything, and after many weekends of hard work, in June 2022, on the 18th to be precise, after having postponed the opening due to the pandemic, the Spa ‘La Mason d’la Sfissi’, literally translated ‘The House of the Sfizio’, was inaugurated.

Why the decision to build a spa?

To implement a service that does not exist in the surrounding area, to create a niche tourist attraction, an intimate environment with attention to every detail in which there is a total detachment from the real world.

Nature and the surrounding environment complete our project; the location of the spa is very scenic, overlooking the valley below where you can admire and leave the hustle and bustle of the city for a few moments.