5 things you don’t know about a mountain SPA


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If you are thinking of treating yourself to a spa holiday, perhaps in an enchanting place like the Piedmont Alps, you may be wondering what awaits you in a mountain wellness centre.

You may think it’s all about massages, saunas and swimming pools, but there is actually much more. In this article we will reveal 5 things you may not know about a mountain spa, which will make you want to book your stay at the Mason d’La Sfissi even more


1. A wellness centre in the mountains is an all-round experience

A wellness centre in the mountains is not only a place to be pampered by qualified staff and quality treatments, but also an opportunity to fully experience contact with nature and yourself.

At the Mason d’La Sfissi, for example, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains, breathe in the pure, fragrant air of the forests, listen to the birds singing and the sound of flowing water.

You can also go hiking or cycling and experience the atmosphere of a very private and inspirational environment. In short, a wellness centre in the mountains is an all-round experience, involving all the senses and making you feel part of a magical and regenerating environment.

2. A mountain SPA offers customised treatments

A wellness centre in the mountains is not a standardised, impersonal place; on the contrary, it offers you personalised treatments tailored to your needs and desires.

At La Mason d’La Sfissi, in fact, you can choose from a wide range of massages, facial and body treatments, beauty and wellness rituals, all made with an exclusive, zero-kilometre product: VINACCIOLI.

You can also consult our experienced and qualified staff, who will advise you on the most suitable course for you, based on your physical condition, your state of mind and your goals. Whether you want to relax, tone up, purify or regenerate, you will find the right treatment for you at Mason d’La Sfissi.


3. A wellness centre in the mountains lets you discover the benefits of hydrotherapy

A mountain SPA lets you discover the benefits of hydrotherapy, the therapeutic use of water at different temperatures and pressures.

Hydrotherapy is an ancient and natural practice that uses the properties of water to stimulate blood circulation, relax muscles, relieve stress, promote sleep, strengthen the immune system and improve metabolism.

At La Mason d’La Sfissi, you can try hydrotherapy in various forms: from the heated pool with hydro-massage to the hydro-relaxation pool with chromotherapy; from the emotional shower with aromatherapy to the Finnish sauna with cold water jet.

You can also enjoy the mountain panorama by taking a dip in the heated outdoor pool.

4. A wellness centre in the mountains lets you discover the benefits of meditation

You will discover the benefits of meditation, the art of concentrating on the present and observing your thoughts and feelings without judging them.

Meditation is an ancient and universal practice that has positive effects on our body and mind. Meditation helps reduce stress and anxiety, it also promotes memory, attention, creativity, self-esteem, empathy and happiness.

It can be practised in different ways: with breathing, with movement, with mantra, with visualisation, with mindfulness.


5. A mountain SPA gives you a unique and unforgettable experience

The fifth thing you need to know is that a wellness centre in the mountains gives you a unique and unforgettable experience that will remain etched in your memory and in your heart.

At La Mason d’La Sfissi you will be embraced by a deafening silence of peace and relaxation, a view of the valleys surrounding the chalet, and magical light, especially during the early hours of the day and late afternoon.

We hope we have intrigued you and convinced you to treat yourself to a SPA weekend. We look forward to seeing you soon! 😊